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Cpon Member Shop

Get new customers with Cpon.

Cpon is a new payment service that helps you acquire customers.

You no longer have to pay expensive advertising costs with uncertain results.
By introducing Cpon, you can get new customers. It is a completely new cashless payment service using smartphones.

No initial cost or monthly usage fee. Site posting fees are all free.

Customers can use the services at Cpon member shops at a 20% discount at any time, and member shops can attract customers without paying any advertising expenses.
A fee is only applied to what a customer has paid.
No unnecessary expenses are required.

A 20% user discount is not just a discount. Customer acquisition costs are reduced.

This great deal draws customers even for those who might not normally visit your business.
By doing this, you can acquire new customers you could not get before, which leads to an increase in sales.
In contrast to advertising expenses, where you don't even know if it works, customer acquisition costs are only incurred when the campaign is successful. It also decreases fixed costs.

Your received Cpon will be bought by​ KOC JAPAN.

Cpon that was used in your shop can be changed into yen at 70% or more.
Of the 30%, 20% is a customer discount, and 10% is a service fee.
KOC Japan will run a variety of sales promotions with this 10% and continue to advertise in a wide range to promote the Cpon shops.
​In addition, Cpon shop owners can also use received Cpon for purchasing.*
* Cpon shop owners can use Cpon B2B Service with Cpon without this 30% fee.
Focusing on SNS marketing, we mobilize more than 8,000 influencers and utilize the internet to promote Cpon shops.
We have already increased our exposure as TV drama sponsors.

SNS marketing, website, media advertising...
​We support Cpon member shops to attract customers.


It attracts not just Cpon users.

Cpon member shops will be more visible with all kinds of online sales promotions. It reaches beyond Cpon users.
More exposure means better advertising results.
We have members in various business formats and industries.
It has exceeded 3,000 shops all over Japan and continues to increase.
Under the influence of the new coronavirus, Cpon has been a popular service to help businesses acquire new customers.

Cpon is expanding all over Japan.​

More and more shops are joining.


Introducing Cpon is easy.
Place a QR code in your shop.
Customers can begin using it immediately.

After becoming a Cpon member shop, simply place one QR code in your establishment.
That alone allows users to make payments immediately.
* In order to join Cpon, verification is required.

Get new customers now.

It's very easy to apply to become a Cpon member shop.

We support Cpon member shops in varieties of ways.

​We support not only customer acquisition but also shop management from various angles.

Shops can acquire users, as well as receive affiliate rewards.

When a shop registers as a Cpon influencer and acquired new users, the shop will get Cpons as a reward.
The reward will be 3% to 5% of the user's payment amount at any Cpon member shops.
* Rewards earned by affiliates will be paid with Cpon that can be converted into cash.

It's free to open an online shop.

Expand sales channels.
Earn new sales.

Expand sales channels.
Generate new revenue.

Cpon member shop owners will be able to purchase goods with the Cpon paid by the customer.
Cpon B2B can be used without the 30% fee.

We will ​start Cpon B2B service.
In partnership with major logistics companies and wholesalers, we make the best price purchasing for Cpon member shops.
​The Cpon paid by the customer can be used not only for purchase but also for procurement of raw materials and equipment in the same way as cash.

C-pon B2B service,
​ It can also be used for other payments.

"C-Pon B2B Service" will also be available for payment of services other than "Purchase".
While continuing to acquire customers, it greatly contributes to the optimization of the value chain of stores such as purchasing, operation, and maintenance, and you can use all services of "C-pon" at a real cost of "0 yen".
* The number of services that can be used with the "C-Pon B2B Service" will increase from time to time.
At KOC / JAPAN, the support desk manages the usage status of "C-pon" in detail.
​ We have a good support system, so if you have any problems, please feel free to contact the support desk.

The support system is perfect.
​ It is safe even in the unlikely event of trouble.

Immediately, go to the Cpon member store.

It's very easy to apply.

A business model that benefits everyone! Spread the savings!

The more you use it, the better the world will be.

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