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Cpon B2B Service

​An epoch-making service that can use the used "C-pon" for purchasing and payment will start.

for Cpon Member Store

A service that allows you to use C-pon at 100% will start.

"C-pon B2B service"
At KOC / JAPAN, C-Pon member stores can improve inter-dealer transactions.
​ It is a service only for C-pon that you can use 100% of the C-pon used by the customer in B2B in the same way as cash.
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What is " 100% available"?

The C-pon used by the customer is basically purchased by KOC / JAPAN at 70%.
If you purchase raw materials using "C-pon B2B service",​ The C-pon can be used in the same way as cash without being discounted at 100% face value.
No discounts or fees are deducted for you and you are ready to welcome your next guest.
Even if you get 20% off, you can still use it as the amount before the discount.

Benefits of B2B service

A special service only for C-Pon member stores that expands further.

The used "C-pon",
100% like cash,
​ available.

As an example, if a customer pays 10,000 yen worth of C-pon at a store, the purchase will be 7,000 yen, but with the "C-pon B2B service", it can be used for purchasing as 10,000 yen. increase. This makes it possible to attract customers and acquire customers without discounting, rather than simply discounting.

While continuing to acquire customers
Also for purchasing, operation and maintenance
​ It contributes strongly.

The biggest merit of "C-Pon" is "to be able to acquire new customers". In the "C-pon B2B service", by reusing the "C-pon" used by the acquired customers, the actual cost is "0 yen", and it can be used in a wide range from purchasing to store management services. We will realize an ecosystem that can be used.

Purchasing, equipment, etc.
We are affiliated with a major logistics company and
​ You can buy it at a bargain price.

We are affiliated with major logistics companies and wholesalers, and we sell various products such as raw materials, store equipment, and fixtures at a bargain price, and you can pay for them with "C-pon" (* 1) . We deliver what you need, in the amount you need, when you need it, which helps minimize inventory loss.

Payment is closed at the end of the month and paid the following month,
Store cash flow
​ Contributes to improvement.

Improving cash flow is extremely important because it has become with corona.​ "C-Pon B2B Service" maintains cash flow for up to 60 days. By providing management support with an emphasis on cash flow, we reduce the risk of shortage of funds and contribute to the stability of management.
* 1 C-pon and cash are used together. The usage rate of C-pon varies depending on the vendor.
* 2 A guarantee fee is required to use "C-Pon B2B Service", but C-Pon and cash can be used together.
* 3 When paying in combination with C-Pon, you can pay up to 50% of the guarantee fee with C-Pon.
* 4 The guarantee company is "Rating Creation Co., Ltd." and the credit research company is "Risk Pro Co., Ltd.".

Cpon B2B Service

First of all, from "purchasing".
​ It will start this fall.

​In the fall of 2021, "C Pon Mall" will be renewed.
"C-pon B2B service" also starts from "purchasing (raw materials, store equipment, etc.)".
At KOC / JAPAN, we actively cooperate with stores for stores and cooperate with them.
​ We will do our utmost to improve B2B services and increase the value of member stores.

Attracting customers / customerization / purchasing
​ C-pon is the solution for all three.
​ Moreover, the actual cost is "0 yen".

The greatest strengths of "C-Pon" are "attracting customers" and "customizing".
With the same amount of "C-pon" used by the user
​ This is an epoch-making service that can be used for purchasing, store equipment, and store management ratio.
  • We deliver what you need, when you need it.

  • The labor cost that was struggling to purchase will be reduced.

  • ​It is possible to purchase at a low price because it is a major logistics company with a large buying power.

  • Since it is a pay-as-you-go payment, you can afford to raise funds.

  • The menu will be enriched with new products and value-for-money product proposals from suppliers.

  • Having transactions with major companies also increases the creditworthiness of financial institutions.

In addition to acquiring customers at physical stores, opening an online shop and even purchasing at a great deal.
​ KOC / JAPAN will continue to contribute to the improvement of the value chain of member stores as much as possible.

Now, go to the C-Pon member store.

It's very easy to apply.

The more you use it, the more​ The world will be better.

The more you use it, the better the world will be.

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