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It is a business activity of KOC / JAPAN.
You can always use the member store at a discount
With web payment service  Also served as a store advertising agency
It's a new business model.

anytime  20% or more OFF  so

A payment service that can be used by shops.

Store owner

Without paying any cash

You can advertise and acquire customers.

For future and all business partners.

A new business that benefits everyone involved.


Web payment service that can be used at any time with 20% or more OFF.

Easy membership registration and charging.

It's very easy to register and charge.
If you charge it, you can use it at any time at member stores with 20% or more OFF.
The number of member stores, including applications, has exceeded 3,000. *
​ From now on, the number of stores that can be used will increase.

​* As of April 2022


C Pon Premium Online Salon

A premium information salon that only guides members.

​It's different from a normal online salon.

Usually, online salons are mainly about the latest information and self-development.
C-Pon Premium is a great deal that only members can get.
It will be returned by C-pon when it exceeds the monthly membership fee.
In addition, it is KOC's first online salon with lots of benefits.

Area organizer system

A brand new franchise. A new business that spreads KOC to each region of the country.

To the owner of the KOC business area.

KOC / JAPAN will start full-scale nationwide expansion.
As an area owner, we will develop a new franchise that has never existed before.
The more you promote the expansion of affiliated stores and the expansion of C-pon users, the higher your business income will be.
​ Start with low risk and no monthly royalties. Support is perfect.

The more you use it, the more​ The world will be better.

The more you use it, the better the world will be.

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