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Cpon Premium

A premium information salon that only guides members.

A premium salon for C Pon fans.

  1. Save 250 yen more than a regular charge!
    With a monthly charge of 3000 yen, you can get a C-pon that can be used for 4000 yen.
  2. After 3200C pon (4000 yen) is given, +1600C pon (2000 yen) will be given. What a first month! You can get double the C-pon for 6000 yen.
  3. Premium members will receive permanent influencer affiliate rewards, which are usually limited to 5 years.
    With a lifetime warranty, you can rank up as an ambassador, and you can aim steadily as the deadline expires. (Usually scheduled to end in December 2025) C Pon influencer's rights will be a lifetime warranty as long as you continue to use the premium.
  4. You can receive exclusive benefits for premium members.
    Online community / Members only / Special price event / Get original WEB badge / Stores with special member benefits are increasing one after another.

Register now as a member.

You can register from the web payment application "C-pon".
You can only register from your smartphone.
​ After logging in to "C-pon"
Please register from the banner of C-Pon Premium.

The more you use it, the more​ The world will be better.

The more you use it, the better the world will be.

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