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Display based on the Fund Settlement Law

Payment service
(1) Issuer name


4th floor, Tokyo Pearl Building, 6-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

(2) Charge and payable amount

Under Article 7 of the Terms of Service, C-Pon can be purchased on our website using our designated credit card. We will notify the purchaser of C-Pon of the ID and password by the method of sending an e-mail. You can purchase C-pons in units of 1,000 yen. Members who purchase C-pons shall be charged 1,000 points of C-pons for every 1,000 yen purchased. (1C pon = 1 yen)

[C Pon Charge Amount (Example)]

1,000 yen 1,000C pon

3,000 yen 3,000 C pon

5,000 yen 5,000C pon

10,000 yen 10,000C pon

30,000 yen 30,000 C pon

50,000 Yen 50,000 C Pon


C-pons charged on the web application can be settled at 1C-pon = 1.25 yen when making payments at our affiliated stores, and you will always receive food and drink and services at a discounted price of 20% or more. Is possible.

[C-pon settlement amount at member stores (at the time of accounting: example)]

Accounting 1,000 yen  800C pon consumption (payment at a discount price of 200 yen)

Accounting 3,000 yen  2,400C pon consumption (settlement at 600 yen discount price)

Accounting 5,000 yen  4,000C pon consumption (payment at 1,000 yen discount price)

Accounting 10,000 yen 8,000 C pon consumption (payment at 2,000 yen discount price)

Accounting 30,000 yen 24,000 C pon consumption (payment at 6,000 yen discount price)

Accounting 50,000 yen 40,000 C pon consumption (settlement at 10,000 yen discount price)


The maximum amount of one purchase of C-pon is 50,000 yen. However, you can purchase as many times as you like, as long as the purchase is not fraudulent, such as violating these Terms. Regarding payment, it is used according to the amount of each C Pon member store and C Pon Mall exhibited product, and there is no upper limit to one payment.

(3) Expiration date

Based on Article 16 of the Terms of Service, the period of use of C-Pon shall be 6 months from the date of purchase of C-Pon. Please note that the C-pon that has passed the usage period will expire and you will not be able to use it. In this case, no refund will be given regardless of the balance of C-pon.

(4) Contact information

4th floor, Tokyo Pearl Building, 6-16-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061

For help / inquiries regarding the C-Pon WEB app, please contact us from the dedicated official LINE.

(5) Scope of available member stores, etc.

It can be used at C-Pon member stores and C-Pon Mall.

(6) Precautions for use

Based on Article 14 of the Terms of Service, the balance of C-Pon cannot be refunded or redeemed except as required by law. However, if the Company completely abolishes the handling of C-Pon due to changes in economic conditions, revision or abolition of laws and regulations, or other reasons, the balance of C-Pon will be refunded to the members by the method prescribed by the Company. For other terms of use for C-Pon, please refer to the C-Pon Balance Terms of Use.

(7) How to check the unused balance

You can check the balance on the balance details screen of the C-Pon WEB application.

(8) Terms of use

Our C-pon Terms of Service  please look at.

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