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Introducing the founder.

Founder: Liang Xinyu

Edmund Leung, the founder of the King of Catering Awards and Honorary Vice President of the Chinese Cuisine Association, is known as the King of Catering in China. Liang Tianno has operations in mainland China and Southeast Asian countries. In May 2020, we established KOC • JAPAN Co., Ltd. in Japan.

​Career of Ryoshinyu

Chairman Liang has a lot of experience in the food and beverage industry. There are well over 10 restaurant brands that have been managed, invested, or jointly funded, including well-known restaurants such as "New Battle Record," "Shanghai Shoumen Tea Restaurant," and "Treasure Food and Beverage Group." Among them, "Shintouki Satsutsuten" won one Michelin star. In 2012, along with Chinese celebrities "Tanyou Rin" and "Hacken Lee", we established a restaurant brand called "Satan Right Lee Porridge Noodles Specialty Store".

In the moderator business, I was in charge of the moderator of the "Food and Life" program on Asian TV and Hong Kong's largest Internet radio "Mysterious Rice".

In the entertainment world, he has been performing for two years as a food-themed talk show comedian. The popularity with the audience is enormous, and the total number of visitors has reached 9,000.

In the music industry, we have released original Cantonese songs with the theme of Hong Kong restaurants, such as "Fu Lin Moonlight," "Hokuto Ooh," and "Hyakurakumon." Furthermore, in Chinese Mandarin, the gourmet theme song "Gourmand Kawaii" has been released and sung on behalf of foodies.

In the public interest industry, Director of the Hong Kong OSJ Keiro Foundation, Deputy General Manager of the Hong Kong Traffic Safety Corps (Special Duties Office), Member of the Youth Committee of the Hong Kong Guangdong Association General Assembly, Managing Member of the Youth Committee of the Guangdong Foreign Trade Association, He also holds many positions such as a group committee member, and promotes cultural exchange between the continental region and the Hong Kong / Macau area as a bridge for gastronomy.

Achievements of Ryoshinyu

Hong Kong's first Honorary Vice Chairman of the Chinese Cuisine Association to break the record and win the 1st place in the Tao Miao Institute. Creation of "Food and Beverage Tenno Award Ceremony" in Hong Kong Creation of a business model that can use food and drink cash vouchers as advertising expenses

Liang Xinyu's title and award history

Chairman of Tennokai (Global) Co., Ltd. Chairman of Food and Beverage Tenno (Group) Co., Ltd.
KOC JAPAN Co., Ltd. Founder and Director Honorary Chairman of the Food and Beverage Tenno Award Ceremony Honorary Vice Chairman of the Chinese Cuisine Association Chinese Restaurant Narutokai Platinum Medal Honorary Chairman of the French International Kitchen Emperor Gastronomy Association Executive Vice-President, Guangdong Food and Beverage Industry Federation, Guangdong Food and Beverage Industry Association (1978-2018) Special Contribution Person Honorary Chairman of Shenzhen Food and Beverage Service Industry Association Honorary Chairman of Dongmen Food and Beverage Association Honorary Chairman of the City Food and Beverage Association Honorary Chairman of the City Food and Beverage Association Hong Kong Food and Beverage Association Honorary Advisor Member of the Youth Committee of the General Assembly of the Society Member of the Hong Kong Food and Beverage Non-smoking Ordinance

Introduction of "King of Catering Awards Ceremony"

The 1st King of Catering Awards Ceremony was held in Hong Kong in February 2006 and was first broadcast on the Hong Kong Asia Television Main Port Channel. After that, the award ceremony was held jointly with TVB Jade of Hong Kong Radio Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and each famous TV station, and since then, excellent restaurants have been commended every year. As the only food and beverage industry award to be televised in Hong Kong, the fairness and authority of the King of Catering Awards is widely recognized by the industry. All the major award-winning restaurants are very proud of being awarded. The annual awards ceremony is supported by many top food and beverage industry leaders, celebrities from all walks of life and countless gourmets.

"Food and Beverage Tenno" created a business model of "Award Ceremony" + "Cash Voucher" and smartly connected stores, consumers, and Food and Beverage Tenno to create a perfect business cycle. Over the last 15 years, it has become loved by many users and stores, and "Food and Drink Tenno" has established an unparalleled status in the Chinese food and beverage industry.

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The more you use it, the more​ The world will be better.

The more you use it, the better the world will be.

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