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Bank transfer charge information
C-pon charge is
It was only a credit card,
We also support bank transfer.
After confirming the transfer at KOC / JAPAN,
We will transfer the C-pon within 2 business days.

Even by bank transfer

C-pon can be charged.

A C-pon equivalent to the transfer amount will be transferred.

(Example) Transfer amount: 10,000 yen C pon Transfer: 10,000 C pon
* Please be sure to enter the name and mobile phone number registered in C-Pon as the transfer holder.
Example: Seapon Taro 09012345678
(C-pon will not be able to be reflected. Please note.)
Transfer information
Financial institution name: Mizuho Bank
Branch name: Ginza-dori branch
Account type: Normal
Account number: 3037088
Account name: KOC JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Please make sure that you do not make a mistake before making the transfer.
The C-pon will be reflected in the app within 2 business days after confirmation.
​ Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
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