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Cpon Premium​ Terms of service

C Pon Premium Online Salon

KOC JAPAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") has established the "C-Pon Premium Terms of Use" (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms"), and in accordance with these Terms, "C-Pon Premium" (hereinafter referred to as "C-Pon Premium"). This service is called "this service"). In addition to this agreement, the usage guide, help, owner rules, etc. of this service are also applied as part of this agreement.

Article 1 (About this service)

This service is a member who can communicate with the owner and member (meaning the member specified in Article 2) or members who send information through various SNS or platforms and applications operated by our company. It is a communication service of the system.

Article 2 (Definition)

In this agreement, the definitions of terms are as follows, unless otherwise defined.

  1.   "Online Salon" means a place where the owner and the member, or members can communicate with each other, which is established by the owner on various SNS or platforms and applications operated by the Company.

  2. "Owner" means an individual, corporation or other organization that presides over an online salon, and if the owner belongs to an organization, it also includes that organization.

  3. "Owner transmission information" means information such as texts, images and videos transmitted by the owner in this service.

  4. "Member" means a person who has joined the online salon.

  5. "Validity period" means the period during which members can use the online salon.

  6. "Various SNS" refers to SNS (social networking services) such as Facebook operated by Facebook, Inc., which we designate as a medium for providing online salons.

  7. "Owner rules" are rules for members that the owner sets independently at his or her online salon.

  8. "This site" refers to the portal site operated by our company.

  9. "Member Posting Information" means all information including texts, images, videos, etc. posted by members and this service. The copyright and all other legal rights of the member-posted information belong to the member who posted the member-posted information or the third party who licensed the member to use it.

Article 3 (About using online salon)
  1. The online salon is provided to members for a fee on various SNS or platforms and applications operated by the Company.

  2. Members can select, change, add or delete members at their own discretion by applying to the Company by the method specified by the Company, except in the cases specified in the next paragraph.

  3. The owner or the Company may conduct a prescribed examination when applying from the member specified in the preceding paragraph, and as a result of the examination, the Company may not accept the application. The Company shall not be obliged to explain the reason for refusal to the members.

  4. When a member ends the use of the online salon (for whatever reason), the online salon will no longer be available.

  5. The completion time of membership registration stipulated in Article 5 and the start of the valid period stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 8 may differ.

  6. Members shall comply with the rules, etc. established by various SNS, and shall comply with them.

Article 4 (Membership)

​The online salon can only be used if all of the following requirements are met:

  1. Agree to these Terms

  2. Make members comply with this agreement and take all responsibility for violations of this agreement.

  3. Register the use of various SNS designated by the Company or the platforms and applications operated by the Company, and make them available.

  4. Ability to pay usage fees

  5. Antisocial forces, etc. (meaning gangsters, gangsters, gangster associate members, gangster-related companies, general assembly houses, etc. Not having any interaction or involvement with antisocial forces, such as cooperating or engaging in the maintenance, operation or management of antisocial forces, etc. through funding or other means.

Article 5 (Membership registration)
  1. The applicant shall apply to the Company for membership in the online salon by the method specified by the Company.

  2. Membership registration for the online salon (hereinafter referred to as "membership registration") is completed when the applicant applies for membership in the online salon.

  3. The owner or the Company may carry out a prescribed examination when applying for membership from the applicant. In this case, the provisions of the preceding paragraph do not apply, and membership registration will be completed when the Company notifies the applicant that the application for membership is accepted.

  4. We may not accept the membership application from the applicant. The Company shall not be obliged to explain the reason for disapproval to the applicant.

Article 6 (Usage charges, etc.)
  1. Members can use the online salon during the valid period by paying the usage fee to the Company by the method specified in Section 3.

  2. The usage fee and validity period differ depending on each online salon, and the usage fee and validity period are determined in this service.

  3. The usage fee shall be paid by the method of transfer to the financial institution account designated by the Company by the payment date separately set by the Company. The transfer fee will be borne by the member.

  4. Membership registration will be automatically renewed at least 5 days before the expiration date unless the member voluntarily withdraws from the membership as stipulated in Article 9.

  5. We may change the usage fee. When changing the usage fee, unless it is unavoidable, we will notify the member at least one month before the usage fee change date.

Article 7 (Refund of usage fee)
  1. We will not refund the usage fee received from the member for any reason.

  2. Even if the member voluntarily withdraws from this service within the valid period or the membership qualification expires, the same shall apply as in the preceding paragraph.

Article 8 (Prohibited matters, etc.)

When using this service by members, the Company prohibits the following acts in addition to the matters specified separately in this agreement and the matters stated in the owner rules. In addition, the prohibited matters stipulated in each of the following items shall also apply to the information posted by members.

  1. Enjo kosai, prostitution, prostitution, etc. are solicited / induced / assisted, or ambiguous expressions including jargon are used to solicit / induce / assist them.

  2. Acts for the purpose of meeting or dating

  3. Actions that may induce the distribution of child pornography or child abuse

  4. Acts that infringe or may infringe the copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility model rights, privacy rights, portrait rights, publicity rights and other rights of other members, owners, our company or third parties.

  5. Acts that accusate other members, owners, our company or third parties, or damage their reputation or credibility

  6. Expressions related to tribes, religions, races, genders, ages, etc. that lead to discrimination

  7. Acts that solicit, induce, or assist suicide, mass suicide, self-harm, illegal drug use, or illegal drug use, etc.

  8. Buying and selling membership and other similar acts

  9. Acts for the purpose of advertising, promotion, or guidance of products or services of oneself or a third party without the permission of the Company, or acts for the purpose of soliciting other spam mails, chain mails, etc.

  10. Acts that give disadvantage to other members, owners, our company or third parties

  11. Acts that violate public order and morals, other laws and regulations, or acts that lead to crimes, and acts that solicit, assist, enforce, or assist such acts.

  12. Acts of reprinting or quoting information obtained through this service or posting it on other media without the prior consent of the owner.

  13. Acts that benefit or provide convenience to antisocial forces

  14. Acts of using this service for the purpose of collecting information of other members, soliciting for religious or political activities

  15. Disseminating information that is contrary to the facts to other members

  16. Acts that interfere with the use of this service by other members

  17. Acts of using this service by impersonating another member or a third party

  18. Acts that violate the rules set by various SNS

  19. Act of providing personal information acquired through this service to a third party without the consent of the person

  20. Acts of falsifying or erasing the information provided by this service

  21. Acts that place an excessive burden on our servers

  22. Attempting unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to this service

  23. Acts of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses, or acts of recommending these acts

  24. The act of reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling the Service or the software used on the Service.

  25. Acts that interfere with services operated by the Company other than this service

  26. Acts that assist the acts specified in the preceding items

  27. Acts suspected to be the acts stipulated in the preceding items and other acts that the Company deems inappropriate 2. Whether or not the items are prohibited in the preceding paragraphs can be determined at the discretion of the Company.

Article 9 (voluntary withdrawal)
  1. Members can voluntarily withdraw from the online salon by notifying us at least 5 days before the desired date of withdrawal by the method specified by us. In this case, the provisions of Article 7 will apply.

  2. Even if a member voluntarily withdraws from the online salon, the information posted by the member will be available for viewing by other members.

Article 10 (Measures against violations of the rules)

In order to operate this service properly, we will take necessary measures such as deletion of member posted information, suspension of use of this service, expiration of membership qualification, etc. without notifying the member in the following cases. Suppose you can.

  1. When a member violates the matters stipulated in this agreement or the matters stated in each owner's rule, etc., or when the Company determines that there is a risk of such violation

  2. If the member loses the relationship of trust with the owner or the Company, or if the owner or the Company determines that the use of this service by the member is inappropriate.

Article 11 (Handling of member data and member posted information)
  1. If there is a need for maintenance or improvement of this service, we shall be able to copy the information posted by the members to the extent necessary for maintenance or improvement of the service.

  2. The Company and the owner use (reproduce) the information posted by members free of charge for the purpose of advertising of this service and commercialization derived from this service (including but not limited to secondary use such as book making).・ It includes copying, modification, sublicense to a third party, and all other uses.) The member shall grant this to the Company and the owner as permanent and irrevocable. However, if the information posted by the member that can identify an individual or the information posted by the member with the intention of limited release is used, the Company and the owner shall obtain the prior consent of the member who posted the information, or Prior consent shall be obtained through the member.

  3. The member shall not exercise the moral rights of the author against the Company and the owner regarding the use of the information posted by the member.

Article 12 (Monitoring of information posted by members)

​In order for members to use this service comfortably, we outsource it to ourselves or a third party, and monitor the information posted by members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by the visual or automatic monitoring system of the person in charge. However, we are not obligated to monitor.

Article 13 (Stop, change, termination of this service)
  1. The Company shall be able to suspend the provision of all or part of this service at any time in any of the following cases.

    1. When inspecting or maintaining the system related to this service

    2. When the system, communication line, etc. stop

    3. When a natural disaster such as an earthquake, lightning strike, fire, wind and flood damage, power outage, or other emergency occurs

    4. When various SNS services stop

    5. In addition, when we determine that it is necessary to stop this service

  2. We may change the contents of this service or terminate the provision of this service at our convenience. If the Company suspends, changes or terminates this service (hereinafter referred to as "suspension, etc."), we will endeavor to notify the members in advance as much as possible, but in case of emergency, etc., in advance. Please note that we may not be able to notify you.

  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the member due to the suspension of this service.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)
  1. The Company does not guarantee any of the following matters. Members shall use this service and the usefulness of the information provided by this service at their own discretion and responsibility.

    1. All information provided by this service, including the content of information sent by the owner (information provided by this service and all information displayed on this service that is included in the links managed or operated by a third party. Including information, etc. The same shall apply hereinafter in this section.) Usefulness, suitability, completeness, accuracy, reliability, safety, legality, morality, and up-to-dateness.

    2. All matters related to communication between members

    3. Matters posted on various SNS

    4. There should be no problems, errors or failures in the provision of this service.

    5. Information sent by the owner on this service does not infringe the rights of third parties

    6. The survival or identity of this service and each online salon must be maintained.

  2. Members shall use this service at their own risk, and if a dispute arises between the owner or the member, the parties shall resolve it.

  3. If the member suffers damage due to the default or illegal act of the Company due to the use of this service by the member, the Company will give the member the use that occurs to the member in the month when the default or illegal act occurs. We will be liable for damages up to the amount of the charge. However, this does not apply if the Company has intentional or gross negligence.

Article 15 (Compensation for damages)

​In the event of damage to the Company due to the member's actions (including complaints caused by the member's actions), the Company will notify the member of the full amount of the damage (including attorney's fees paid by the Company). I shall be able to claim compensation.

Article 16 (Handling of provided information)
  1. The information provided to the Company when the member uses this service (including the personal information of the member, hereinafter referred to as "provided information". The information posted by the member is not included in the provided information. .) Will be handled in accordance with the provisions of this Article or the provisions of our "Personal Information Protection" regarding personal information. In this article, personal information means personal information stipulated in the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information".

  2. The Company shall be able to use the provided information for the purposes specified in each of the following items.

    1. Purpose of providing this service

    2. Purpose of cooperating with the procedure regarding the examination of members performed by the owner

  3. The member agrees to provide the information provided by the Company to a third party such as the owner to the extent necessary for the purpose specified in the preceding paragraph.

  4. If the member directly provides the information provided by the owner to the owner without going through the company, the company shall not be aware of any disputes caused by it and shall not be liable to the member. increase.

Article 17 (Change of Terms)
  1. The Company shall be able to change this agreement, owner rules, etc. without prior notice to the members if the Company deems it necessary.

  2. The changed Terms shall become effective when displayed on the Service, and if the Member uses the Service after changing the Terms, the Member shall accept the changed contents of the Terms. It is considered to be

Article 18 (Notice from our company)
  1. We will contact or notify you about the matters to be contacted by the member through the e-mail address registered by the member when applying for membership or various SNS.

  2. If the e-mail address in the preceding paragraph is changed, the member shall immediately notify the company by the method prescribed by the company.

  3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused to the member due to the member's failure to give the notice set forth in the preceding paragraph.

Article 19 (Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)

Members transfer, transfer, and set collateral for all contracts based on this agreement to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company, in whole or in part of their contractual status and the rights and obligations arising from it. No other disposal is possible.

Article 20 (separability)

If any provision of this agreement violates the relevant laws and regulations applicable to the contract based on this agreement with a corporate member, that provision shall not apply to the contract with the relevant member to that extent. However, even in this case, it shall not affect the effect of other provisions of this agreement.

Article 21 (Governing Law, Court)
  1. This agreement shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law.

  2. The Company and its members agree in advance that the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for the resolution of disputes arising between the Company and its members regarding this Agreement.

Established on September 11, 2020

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